7 unique hostels in Barcelona

Ever thought about staying in a hostel during your visit to Barcelona? Oh-Barcelona recently conducted some research  on facebook regarding the top hostels in Barcelona. Independently and in addition, this article doesn’t just look at the top hostels but describes the most unique hostels in Barcelona.
Not everybody has the same wishes when choosing a holiday accommodation. Close to the beach, a place with a terrace, or simply somewhere quiet and located outside the city centre; some are in pursuit of luxury, while other want to go simple and cheap. And like this I could go on for quite a while. That’s why we’ve selected 7 completely different hostels in Barcelona, which are unique in their own way. This way there will be a hostel suited for everyone’s needs and wishes.

Have you been to one of these hostels? Do you think there’s a unique hostel missing in this list? Share your experiences and tell us what you think!


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